About Us

Adapt Physiotherapy provides best practise diagnosis and management. We will work with you, and your highly adaptable body, to get you moving with freedom and moving with strength.

Whether you have been in pain for years or you’ve just hurt yourself, we will provide the highest standard, evidence based Physiotherapy, in the most caring way.

Sarah Young

BSc Physiotherapy (with Distinction)

Sarah graduated from Curtin university in 2014 with the Emeritus Professor Joan Cole Prize for the most outstanding Graduating Student. She has spent the majority of her career in private practice, spending the last 5 years at Body Logic Physiotherapy.  Sarah has also spent time in community Physiotherapy roles, including several months spent in Nepal, upskilling Nepalese Physios and teaching Monks basic Physiotherapy skills.

Sarah loves treating people from all walks of life, from the “non exercisers” to elite athletes. She has a special interest in helping kids and adults with persistent pain and fatigue. She is a “big picture” physio who listens to, and genuinely cares for, all of her patients.

Sarah is very active and understands the frustration of forced inactivity due to injury, pain or fatigue. She will always find a way to get you being active again.

Sarah loves running group exercise classes! She knows how beneficial exercise is, and loves to give people the opportunity to experience this in a safe and supportive environment.

Outside of work Sarah loves being outdoors, travelling, spending time with family and friends and competing in triathlons.